25 Most Used Millennial Acronyms You Must Be Aware Of

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Are you from the generation Y, or maybe a baby boomer who’s a bit confused with the acronyms you’ve seen on social media, and group chats? Worry no more! We’ve defined some of the most used millennial acronyms below.


Short for as far as I know, millennials respond with this acronym when asked about something.


The acronym stands for ask me anything. There’s a big chance you’ll  encounter AMA in a “real talk” session, or when chatting with a new friend. Some celebrities also post it when they want to entertain questions from their fans.


Literally means at the moment, we often see this acronym in photo captions, videos, and social media check-ins.


By the way is probably one of the most popular acronyms. It’s even used in e-mails nowadays.


If you don’t know the owner of the photo that you would like use, put CTTO below your caption rather than claim that the photo is yours. This acronym means credits to the owner.


We often see it as #FBF in social media. The flashback Friday hashtag is used when you want to post an old photo on a Friday.


Do you have the urge to buy something just because your best friend bought the same thing? Are you afraid to miss out a getaway or dinner with friends? It’s called FOMO or fear of missing out.


This acronym aims to encourage someone or to cheer on someone who’s about to join a competition or who’s about to face a challenging point in his/her life. The acronym means for the win!


Another popular acronym that has been embraced by the corporate world is FYI which means for your information.


Usually, you would hear this from a person who loves mobile and computer games. Literally means good game, this acronym is said by someone who enjoyed a certain “battle” or competition.


We normally say hope this helps when we give a few information or a piece of advice to someone, don’t we?


Some people thought this acronym refers to the word joke, but it’s actually short for just kidding.


Many of us use laugh(ing) out loud on a daily basis. Sometimes we even say “LOL” when talking to someone instead of literally laughing. LOL to that.


This acronym refers to looking for. People use it when searching for something to buy, hire, or avail. (I.e. LF freelance writer in the Philippines.) They’re common on forums, and buy and sell groups.


It’s when a person enthusiastically tells or asks you something, yet you have no reaction.


Some millennials post this acronym on social media while they’re inside the cinema. It means now watching.


Admit it. Once in your life you have messaged someone on my way or on the way even if you just woke up.


Fashion forward millennials love posting outfit of the day photos. OOTD is normally used as a hashtag.


Short for shaking my head, people use this acronym online when they’ve seen or when they’ve read something they don’t like. It expresses disgust or disapproval just like “tsk tsk.”


Contrary to SMH, the acronym SML expresses approval. It is short for so much love.


Acronym for to be honest, people use this when telling their opinion about a certain topic.


A sibling of FBF, this acronym stands for throwback Thursday. People use this as a hashtag when posting an old picture on a Thursday.


These acronyms refer to that feeling when and that moment when which are often used by millennials to humorously or sarcastically illustrate a scenario.


Millennials say this to someone who has said too much information, including personal things that are better left unsaid. Can you relate?


You usually say talk to you later if you can’t answer a call or message because you’re busy or driving.


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