5 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Content in the Philippines

outsourcing content in the philippines

The content outsourcing business is becoming more popular each year probably because crafting relevant content really takes so much time and effort. A company has to match the topic and sentence construction to the nature of its business, as well as make them useful for the people who would visit the website.

Given the rampant emergence of business-to-business marketers here and there, it’s vital to take note of five things to consider before outsourcing content in the Philippines:

  1. The kind of content

    First and foremost, you have to determine the kind of content that would suit your business and purpose. Is it for a website? How about for marketing collaterals? For a book? For a legal document? Whether you need to outsource online or printed content, you have to determine your target readers, and then apply the “maximize to minimize” concept. This involves getting on board a broad subject and dissecting it into specific subtopics to cater to a various range of readers. More importantly, you must have a concrete idea of how you want your content to work for you, whether it translates to readership, views or purchases.

  2. The budget

    If content is king, then your budget is queen. High-quality content comes with a price, especially when it’s for online purposes. Online content needs to be altogether readable, SEO-optimized, and well-researched. Whether you’re a start-up or a long-time player in the industry, make it a mindset that paying for premium content is an investment. Figures show that 67% of customers said that great content helps them to make better purchasing choices.

  1. The writing service provider

    Outsourcing content in the Philippines allows foreign companies to save money and time compared doing everything in-house. The question lies whether you will hire freelancers or a writing company to create it for you. Working with either of the two has its pros and cons. If you want content at a more affordable price, talk to freelancers. The downside, however, is their commitment to quality and your timeframe. Usually, writing companies offer writing services for a more expensive rate but you can be assured that high-quality, well-researched content will be delivered to you at a faster turnaround time.

  2. Your brand or identity

    In order to create relevant content, you need to explain the brand, identity, or nature of the business to the writers or the writing agency. This can help them catch the right writing style, language, and tone that would suit and keep the character of the business.

  1. The strategy

    The effectivity of how your content translates to sales or readership says a lot about your content marketing strategy. Marketing is the bread and butter of businesses, regardless if they exist online or not. Without it, your content cannot help you gain the readership and boost in revenue. Make sure to let your writing partner know about your purpose for outsourcing content and the plans and strategies you’re planning to implement to maximize its use.

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