Why Hire a Ghostwriter in Manila?

ghostwriter in manila

Ghostwriting is the process of writing for another person or organization without a byline or with no credit at all.  Decades ago, people hire ghostwriters mainly for book publishing and celebrity memoirs. Over time, as the demand for high-quality contents increased, companies also started hiring ghostwriters to write content for digital marketing, SEO, public relations, corporate communications, and other purposes.

If you’re planning to outsource content, here are are some reasons to outsource them to a ghostwriter in Manila:

More affordable rates

Some of the main reasons why foreigners outsource their business processes in the Philippines are the lower operational costs and lower salary requirements of employees. Compared to freelance writers in other countries, a ghostwriter in Manila charges way more affordable rates without compromising the quality. If you have time, try inquiring about the rates of writers from different countries. Then you will understand.

Professionally written, original content

Generally, Filipinos are good English speakers, and writers, too! Availing the service of a ghostwriter in Manila allows you to have high-quality content, without the need for a proofreader or editor. Most of them are experienced and skilled enough to proofread their own work. Some of them even use advanced tools and software to help them spot grammatical error, and detect potential plagiarism issues.

Fast content delivery

A high-quality content requires extensive research, which mostly takes up time, depending on the timeframe. If you’re a person who wears many hats, this could be very challenging especially that most businesses have tight deadlines and fast turnarounds. Hence, hiring a ghostwriter can be beneficial as they can generate high-quality content in a fast-paced set-up. Also, most ghostwriters have comprehensive resources you’ve probably never heard of which makes researching much easier for them.

Easy to work with

Filipinos are generally friendly, respectful and easy to work with. They carefully follow the instructions, requirements and protocols of their clients. If, for instance, the work needs to be revised and you’ve said a constructive criticism or two, they wouldn’t take it against you. Simply put, they value relationships – even remote work relationships.


Filipino writers learn new things fast. They can work on both technical and simple outputs with the same zeal and commitment. If you think the deliverables are too technical to understand, try to explain the essential details to a ghostwriter in Manila and consider it done.


There are plenty of other reasons why hiring a ghostwriter in Manila could be beneficial you or your business. If you’re interested to avail our ghostwriting services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team will respond to you immediately. Thanks for reading!

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